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Mrrrphhh, I haven't been checking my flists lately, and I think that's partially because I feel like I want to be a hermit while simultaneously craving interaction right now. Quite an ambivalent state of affairs. I think I'm feeling stressed since I'm showing the same signs as I used to, which is a bit odd since I'm actually surprisingly on top of my university work this semester.

Looking back over some of the peer assessment things I've done for my course, I've sort of come to the realisation that I'm pretty bad at giving compliments and praise. That's something that's going to need to change soon. I also feel creatively drained ever since I started this course. I'm not sure if that's because I've been putting most of my energy into analysis (for both my coursework and for RP) meaning there's not much left for creating, or if that's because I channel all my creativity into RP instead.

There's a couple of late pictures I need to draw for people once I get over the inertia. I need to update a few lists, too. I know there's a certain set of Dissidia ficlets I need to catch up reading up on |3a

I've also been wanting to write DDS fic for some time now, but I find the duology surprisingly hard to write for. Here's a snippet of something I've been working on every once in a while since mid April.

and the fantasy )

Also because I feel like not sleeping, muse strength meme. )


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