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I AM SO UNFOCUSED it's not funny. I can't even properly procrastinate, what is this madness? Stuff seems to be having difficulty downloading and installing, which is quite troublesome. I guess I'll just have to get everything else that can be done in the meantime.

I kind of get the feeling that perhaps the main reason I didn't enjoy Crisis Core as much as some of the other games I was playing around the time was because I played it in such a short span of time, so all the things that irritate me stand out more because I was playing in such prolonged stretches of time.

I've been trying to write some FF7 fanfic, with quite a bit of difficulty. Aside from that fact I can't really focus on writing, it's been so. long since I finished FF7 and my recollections of everyone are so hazy. It's very rare that I know how everything is supposed to go in a fanfic, but that's sort of what's happened here. Now, I just have to find the right words to unravel them with... though I worry that the characters may not be quite within their character, or that I accidentally exclude a character from the story (when they really should have a place in it) without meaning to, as I did with Dreamless.

That said, have the opening paragraphs of what I'm working on; it's probably the only part I'm somewhat satisfied with, though it still needs tweaking. )


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