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[DeSu 2] Game Script Table of Contents

LAST UPDATED: 21 July 2014:
+ Tweaked and added events for when certain characters are dead, courtesy of [tumblr.com profile] dojizerker
+ Finished Last Assassin
+ Added Unseen Tomorrow (incomplete)

Scripting Notes: Items marked with a #, I'm not certain of what triggers their appearance

* This game script contains SPOILERS.

* This script contains all the mandatory conversations in the game and all the game's routes, as well as all the optional dialogue, Fate related conversations and differences when certain characters are dead. Or will when it's complete, anyway.

* Even though I'm trying to make the script as complete as possible, I highly recommend playing the game; I don't note changes in character sprites or portraits, which can give dialogue a totally different tone, and there are some differences in Fate conversations depending on when in the plot they've been activated. It's pretty hard to catch every single minor change!

* I will be using Hiro Kageyama as the protagonist's name, as that's the name used by the first Devil Survivor 2 manga. It's too time consuming to change the protagonist's name to Hibiki Kuze, since the announcement of the animation had come out after I'd completed the script for the main days. Besides, Hibiki and Hiro behave in vastly different ways.

* The order and time of mandatory events may be different in your playthrough, as I am listing them in the order of the time that the game forces you to view the events (without someone dying).

* Optional events or not-strictly-mandatory-but-are-part-of-plot events will be marked as "Intermissions" and will be generally listed in order of their earliest appearance.

1st Day - Sunday's Melancholy

Death Clip
Walking around - (Silent Transit; Refugee Camp; Shinjuku Crisis; Unknown Woman; Strange Man; Retraced Steps)
Io's Reunion
Intermission: SDF Evac
Daichi's Crisis
Tokyo Branch
A Man Named Joe
Daichi's Worth
Intermission: Post-Dubhe Recovery - (Adult Woman; An Idle Man)

2nd Day - Monday's Turmoil

Intermission: Home Situations - (Daichi's Report; Io in Despair; Sleepy Joe)
App Abuser
Osaka Meeting
Demon Witness
To Osaka
Never Say Die
Serious Damage
Osaka Soul - (includes Too Late)
National Crisis
Intermission: Unease - (Uneasy Daichi; Io's Worry; Joe's Life)
Merak Arrives
Optional Fight: Father Time
Enemy Inquiry
Back to Tokyo

3rd Day - Tuesday's Disquiet

Intermission: Thoughts - (Fading Wish; Pensive Joe)
Optional Fight: Vs. Q
To Nagoya
Intermission: Mystery Man
Fighting - (Girl in Pursuit; Boy in Combat)
Hacker Revealed
Memory Search
Saving Daichi - (includes Goodbye, Jungo)
Man of Fury
Intermission: Post-Phecda cleanup
Thoughts and Suspicions - (Outlaw; Target: Tower; Nicaea Mystery; The Server)
Back to Tokyo

4th Day - Wednesday's Changes

Bud of Malice
Intermission: Jobs - (Job Request; Job Request)
Examinations - (Health Exam; Secret Garden)
Anguished One
Examination Results - (Daichi Escapes; Joe Flees; Refugee's Fate; Keita's Story; Sleepy Jungo; Secret Garden; Happy Hinako; Sullen Airi; Fumi's Health)
A Hard Choice
Megrez Meeting
Intermission: Demons, Apps and Terminals - (Demon Inquiry; The Terminal; Demon Origins)
Optional Fight: Original Wife
Apps and Muggers - (includes Joe's death clip)
Intermission: The Victim
Joe Lost - (includes Joe Still Lost)
Power Outage - (includes RIP Joe)
Anguished One and Nicaea - (Nicaea's Master; Interrogation)
Delta Battle
At Hakata

5th Day - Thursday's Shock

Intermission: The Mystery of the Mysterious Man - (A Family; Identity; Dera-Deka)
Poisonous Day
Lost and Found Photographs - (Lost Photo; Fumi's Information)
Countering Alioth's Flight - (Key to Interception; Flames of Fury)
Searching for Dancers and Sex Appeal - (Please, Hinako; Please, Airi; Please, Makoto; Please, Io; Please, Otome; Please, Fumi)
For the Interception
Recruiting Kama and Shiva - (Ananga; Nataraja)
Fukuoka - (Ticket to Hakata; World of Void; includes Otome's death clip)
Unexpected Hostility - (includes Victim of Foul Play)
Operation Third Eye
Intermission: The JP's Cover-Up - (Corrupted File; File Repair; Secret Scheme)
Alioth Core
True Motive
Normality Gone
An Explanation

6th Day - Friday's Partings

Opinions - (Yamato & Io; Joe & Makoto; Keita & Daichi; Hinako & Otome; Jungo & Ronaldo; Fumi & Airi)
Intermission: God of Luck
Magic Circle
Under Attack
Trump Card
Barrier Failure
Io's Resolve
Intermission: The Promise
The Dragon
Optional Fight: Lord of Flies
Food Chain
Ronaldo Rises
Unified Will
Decision Making - (A New World; Daichi's Way; Ronaldo's Way; Yamato's Way)

7th Day

Anguished One's Route - A Saturday Toward Reformation

Daichi's Route - A Saturday Toward Coexistence

Ronaldo's Route - A Saturday Toward Equality

Yamato's Route - A Saturday Toward Hierarchy

Last Day - Sunday's Fruition

Anguished One's Route - Kingmaker

Daichi's Route


  • {}{}{}

Ronaldo's Route - Egalitarian

Fate Events

Airi Ban
Anguished One
Daichi Shijima
Fumi Kanno
Hinako Kujou
Io Nitta
Jungo Torii
Keita Wakui
Makoto Sako
Otome Yanagiya
Ronaldo Kuriki
Yamato Hotsuin
Yuzuru "Joe" Akie

Miscellaneous Script


Special To-do notes:

- duplicate certain "Intermission" events into the Fate events section, as a number of them are important to the character, too. This is especially the case for Anguished One. But since it's a huge pain in the ass to find those events in the main script, I'll duplicate them into the Fate sections... later.

- Re-do the Kama and Shiva fights in reverse order (i.e. Nataraja then Ananga). (Try and complete the fights before you're forced to go to Fukuoka? :|a)

- Demon Inquiry is actually a mandatory event on 5th day at 17:30. Still checking to see if the other events in that line of events are also mandatory. (Yes, Demon Origins is also mandatory)

- Some missing script for the beginning of Seven Down in Ronaldo's route because I'm a butt and saved over the file before I could grab it.

- Shown Path in all routes need dialogue for if Botis and/or Bifrons are alive.

- Need to retake Hinako's event on Day 6. Otome must be dead for the event to appear.