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I would just like to say that the fan I bought as described here was the best buy (AUS$4 too!) I've ever made. Not only does the fan keep me nice and cool, the kind of gross potpourri smell is enough to block the sewer smell of Malaysia.

This is a very good thing.

I also bought whole of Serial Experiments Lain for RM10. I consider this a worthwhile buy, even if it turns out I can't play it at home. I also have no idea what Lain is about. I was also tempted to buy the CT Soundtrack from the same store, but didn't.

There's a certain amount of satisfaction in buying a good piece of artwork. It's an immensely pleasurable experience, and you come out with a kind of... 'wow I just bought a piece of art' feeling of elation. The artwork in question is actually a set of 4 pieces of chinese brush paintings for the seasons. I've always had a bit of a love affair with brush paintings, and considering the quality of the paintings and their content, I am very happy with its affordable price tag (RM 50) ♥ If I get a digital camera in Malaysia, I'll take a photograph of it and show it to you guys later.

Also, I FINALLY got past the goddamned Second Sin (Deftera) Operation in Trauma Center 1 on my first try. I got an S rank on it. This pleases me greatly. I'm up to Pempti, though I haven't tried it yet 8|


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