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2015-05-14 11:38 pm
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[STICKY] Topping Post, here foreverr

"Sure, people don’t think alike. We don’t know what’s going through the other guy’s head. But we can TRY to find out, right? Expand our worlds through each other. Maybe that’s a better way to go-- the real way to enjoy each moment."

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2014-12-19 09:23 pm

(no subject)

I have so many story ideas I want to write but I have failed to resist the siren song of video games orz.

so many crossovers and now I want to write a crossover au where the persona 3/4 universe and the digital devil saga universe are the same and that persona and atma are the same at the core.

Also language barriers between the DDS cast and the p3/4 cast because the former are very likely American while the p3/4 cast are all Japanese. Souji and Yukiko are the only ones with good enough English to communicate with Serph but he is confused about literally everything in Inaba

also serph getting tossed in the tv somehow but never getting a shadow because he doesn't have any repressed part of himself.

But also adding to the murders in inaba because he still needs to eat people and the IT are like what is going on now

Au only because most civilisation will be underground due to DDS' black sun

cielo ends up in hawaii

japan doesn't have atma but maybe persona give the same protection from the black sun?

meanwhile things are going to crap because the tribe are spread across the world and somehow cielo ends up in the news and serph wants to find them but this world is much larger so maybe they can travel through the tv world (maybe it's not localised to inaba here? )

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2014-11-16 09:43 pm

(no subject)

This was supposed to be a 2-3k word one-shot.

Somehow this has grown to 13k words and I'm still writing.
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2014-10-08 08:55 pm

; A;

I have done so much writing this year, yet most of it isn't publishable because they're not complete or not far enough in to start posting

/lies on side in a pile of tears
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2014-09-03 07:19 pm

(no subject)

I have written more for this stupid SPN AU than all the other stories I've written in the last 2 years combined.

I'm so fucked.

Some blah blah blah about how I'm intending to tackle writing this monstrous story. )
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2014-08-21 05:35 pm

Writing thoughts

Man I can't believe how long it's been since I've done any kind of writing meta. Probably because I haven't been writing much until now.

Anyway, something I've noticed since dipping my toe into the Supernatural fandom is how a lot of the (really good!) stories I've read are very dialogue heavy. In fact, an abundance of good dialogue is one of the big determining factors in whether I consider a Supernatural story good or not.

This is really different from all my other fandoms, which are nearly exclusively JRPGs.

So I'm over here wondering if the medium in which we experience the work influences the way in which we write.

Just a few thoughts expanding on that before I get back to writing )
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2014-08-14 07:27 pm

Fic Ideas/ToDo

I'm still alive, really!

Word to the wise, don't marathon approximately 115 hours of a TV series. I'm only barely past the halfway mark of Supernatural and I've hit the point where my enjoyment of the show has taken a nosedive and I'm only continuing to watch because of one character.

Curse my love for non-human characters who suck at interacting with humans.

This is pretty much an incoherent brain dump so I don't forget later, I have not written fic in far too long.

Anyway. Making some additions according to my fanfic.net profile.

- [ FREE! ] Desert AU
- [ DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 / THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU ] Three different people with similar coloured hair, all vastly different in personality. But they have one other point in common; they've all met a boy named Joshua. Total of 3 chapters.
- [ DEVIL SURVIVOR 2: the ANIMATION ] AU, where Hibiki's meeting with Polaris takes on an entirely different turn.
- [ MUSHISHI ] Years later, Ginko meets Suguro again.
- [ SUPERNATURAL / THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU ] Set during Castiel's search for God. "You're not very good at pretending to be human, are you?"
- [ SUPERNATURAL ] AU, where circumstances that spurred Dean to make that deal with a demon never occurred the way it was meant to, and so the future became unwritten