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ALRIGHTY now that I'm out of bed!

I would love LOVE a full color detailed reference for Marty McFly here! He's a goblin in rice legs and just went a few more changes that would alter his appearance, so I'd love to see how it would come out!

The thing that's kinda sucky is that I don't really have a nailed design for him? His skin is a reddish color now and he has orange lightning bolt patterns that go all the way down his body! One thing I'd super love is maybe have the lightning bolts form a pattern of some kind (or something, aff) going up his neck and goes around the sides of his face? Marty also has sharp claws for fingers with spikes on his knees, elbows and shoulders. The spikes are made of bone, but the edges kind of have a fire look to them? Like the edge of a fire, if that makes sense! He also just developed fire magic and has sharp teeth!

I'm kinda weird though, like I want someone to look at him and associate goblin-like features, but if you search up google references you get these weird greenish ugly looking things that I don't want him to completely look like, y'know? I hope I'm not sounding too picky ahaha

Oh oh! One thing Marty got during the All Hallow's Eve event is that he got these runes of the flux capacitor on his wrists! In game they light up from the edges to the center in time with his heart! Also also I have him dressed in his clothes from the first movie, but they're gross and bloodied and ripped since he always gets caught in these clothes during the changes! You don't have to draw those if you want to, I don't want to restrict you!

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