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Matsuoka Rin (松岡 凛 ) ([personal profile] showyouthesight) wrote in [personal profile] tenshinoakuma 2015-11-07 01:59 am (UTC)

I probably want to do a Full Body + Flat Colors for Harpy!Rin but I need a little help coming up with an actual design.

I do know that I want to incorporate the colors red, black and pink. And that I want a pattern design similar to this brute. My general idea is wings in the back but not connected to the arms. His skin would still be fully feathered though, except for the area around his face sorta like this and his chest (because I still want to show off his nice muscles.) The legs are also feathered but again I want to emphasize thigh muscles since they're a huge Rin feature! The legs should also be obviously human, just feathered. The feet however should do the talons thing like so and the talons themselves should be black. Same goes for his claws on his hand. His feathered arms should also have the muscles accentuated. Maybe feathers mingled into his hair so it's a mix of the two. No avian facial features though. And of course I very much want a long pretty tail for Rin.

In general, I want something like this, just with the changes I mentioned.

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